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"The origin of existence is movement " Tractate on Travel, the Kitâb Al-Isfâr

Throughout my life I had the opportunity to integrate my passion for travelling, visual and performing arts, music and architecture into my everyday life.

After being taught various painting and design techniques by Peter Makowetz (AT), I discovered travelling as a way of approaching the mysteries of the world. I experimented with writing, photography and painting to convert my experiences and moments into another format.


I then spent more than 10 years at the University of music and performing arts in Vienna. Working with emerging artists, actors, filmmakers and musicians has inspired me to cross borders between different disciplines.


Leaving Vienna and working for a European organisation has taken me to all corners of the world in recent years. Meeting people and discovering how they experience themselves in this environment has been a great inspiration. In the beginning I explored people, places, colours, lights and shapes with my camera. In recent years, I have been increasingly using graphic and abstract photo projects which finally brought me back to painting. 

My city travel series "metro-rakel", inspired by Gerhard Richter's "Rakelbilder", led me back to working with larger formats. In my ongoing "Stone-patterns series", I transform stone patterns from different parts of the world into graphic images.

The canvas, paper and various media provide me with a kind of theater space in which the various landscapes, encounters and emotions appear in abstract form with some figures reemerging more often than others. 

Influenced by mediative Zen practice, my search has been going on an inner journey for some years now to explore the mythical meaning of travelling.

I have exhibited my work in Berlin and Brussels and in my apartment gallery in Vienna, where I share with people from all over the world what inspired me on my travels.


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